You and your friends locked in a room with no apparent escape. Everything in this room is a hint you have to solve. This is you working against the clock to save the world from deadly viruses, ruthless gangsters, or nasty dictatorships. If you fail, the city is lost, and humanity is doomed.
You only have

Make a Break is the alternative Escape Game with a personality. Colorful and captivating, just like Berlin. We asked Berlin street artists to decorate our venue in the bustling district of Friedrichshain. Our three unique missions will guide you through historical and fantastic events set in Berlin. Only a 5-minute walk from S+U-Bahn station Frankfurter Allee or a 10-minute walk from the hip Simon-Dach-Straße, you’ll find our rooms faster than your way out of them.


To get a feel for the game, check out our teaser videos (no worries, they contain no spoilers):