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Make a Break is taking a break!

Escape rooms and authorities from Berlin are currently cooperating to improve the standards of this business in course of the sad tragedy that occurred in a Polish escape room earlier this year.

This process involves extensive evaluations, technical upgrades and lengthy authorisation procedures. As Berlin authorities are extremely busy and booked out long in advance, it may take up to several weeks to get all of this done. We on our part also need some time to adjust to this new environment. Hence, we have to suspend the operation of our escape rooms until the authorisation procedure is completed, and we cannot receive any bookings during this time. Already booked games are being cancelled. In case you have a game with us, you will receive notification early in advance.

We are working hard to come up with a reliable timeframe when we could reopen again. Please visit our website in about two weeks’ time or send us an email and we will get back to you once we know more. In general, please do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions under

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You and your team locked in a room with no apparent escape. Yet everything in this room is a hint you have to solve. To escape the room, you’ll first have to save Berlin. The key for your escape is team work.

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Make a Break is the alternative escape room of berlin with a personality. Colorful and captivating, just like Berlin. We believe that “Escape Rooms 1.0″ are not up to date anymore and thats why we work with professional stage designers – which usually build the scenery of theatres and leisure parks – to create our rooms with a high degree of authenticity and detail. Our ultimate goal is to create an authentic experience – fitting the particular story perfectly. Our escape games contain some special elements like a reconstructed part of the berlin wall, virtual-reality googles and a 3D-printer. Have a look at our three current missions and choose the most suitable for you:

We asked Berlin street artists to decorate our venue in the bustling district of Friedrichshain. Only a 5-minute walk from S+U-Bahn station Frankfurter Allee or a 10-minute walk from the hip Simon-Dach-Straße, you’ll find our rooms faster than the exit out of them.

You and your team only have
minutes to escape

  • Three unique escape room missions

    Our three unique escape room missions will guide you and your team through historical and fantastic events set in Berlin. Break through the Berlin Wall to escape to the West, save Berlin from the zombie apocalypse or bust the biggest drug lord. This is you working against the clock… if you fail, the city is lost, and humanity is doomed.

  • Gift vouchers

    Looking for a creative present for your loved ones? What about a game at Make a Break for your friends or family?  Surprise the with an unforgettable experience in our escape room. Purchase our gift voucher online and you will receive it immediately by email. You can now send it to the presentee or print it and hand it over personally. It’s really simple to redeem the gift voucher on our website.

  • Team events

    For corporate clients, stag and hen parties family events or birthday parties we’re offering team building events with up to 34 participants. Get to know your colleagues and friends in a new light. Our escape room missions have been completed already by thousands of satisfied team event participants.


Our online ratings speak for themselves. 99% recommendation!

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Teaser Video

To get a feel for our escape rooms, check out our teaser videos (no worries, they contain no spoilers):