Frequently Asked Questions

Not more than spending an afternoon in your own home. You’ll be locked into a room filled with ordinary objects, such as chairs, lamps, books, buckets, tables and locks. Our games do not include any frightening effects or physically or mentally dangerous tasks. Moreover, our Game Master is constantly following the game via cameras and microphones installed in the rooms. They will help you immediately if necessary. Our facility is equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Some of our games could, however, cause some discomfort to some players. People suffering from claustrophobia, acrophobia and asthma or any other condition of concern should get in touch with us before playing.

The mission “Tear Down This Wall” is not scary at all. The mission “Berlin Never Dies”, in which you have to stop a zombie apocalypse, contains some atmospheric elements that may scare some people. That is why we do not advise this game to children younger than 16 years.
Each of our games can be played with 2 to 5 or 6 players. The more you are, the more fun you’ll have but it’s also possible to solve our puzzles with only two team mates. What really matters is teamwork and communication. Team building events for up to 20 people are possible too. For more info, click here.
You’ll have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles in the game. Before the game, you’ll be briefed by the game master and after the game, you’ll get your certificates. The whole service will take about 90 minutes. In order to avoid waiting times, please show up at the time indicated in your booking confirmation (+/- a few minutes is no problem ; ) ).
No. You can leave the room anytime you want. But for the sake of the game flow, we recommend you not to, unless you really need to.
Each room is equipped with a screen that shows you the time you have left to complete your mission, starting with 60:00 (60 minutes). You and your buddies will have to start searching and examining every item in the room. Everything can be a clue, except for items marked with a special sticker (for example a light switch that you are not supposed to dissemble). Every clue or puzzle you solve triggers an event which will lead to another clue or puzzle, and so on, until you reach the final puzzle.
All you need is to use your brain and your team mates. You won’t need particular physical strength for completing the tasks.
The game “Berlin Dies Another Day” is completely barrier-free. As for the other two games, we kindly ask our customers with special accessibility needs to contact us before booking.
The Game Master is constantly connected to the game via cameras and microphones. There is a screen in each room that shows the remaining time. If you get stuck, the Game Master can provide you with hints on the screen.
We designed our games to contain very few language-related puzzles. Apart from understanding the mission briefing, you won’t need strong German or English skills to solve any of the puzzles in the game.
We prefer online payment. To make a booking, please click here.
Whatever clothes you want – with the possible exception of high heels.
Yes. Become our affiliate! You get a discount of 10% on your next booking for recommending Make a Break Berlin to your friends. Just tell your friends to let us know your name when they book.